Directors Disputes - An Introduction

Directors TableEveryone who starts a business venture does so with a passionate belief that the venture will be successful. Business associations are formed in the belief that the people that you are entering into business with are trustworthy, competent, reliable, honest and generally people that you will be able to work with on a business level so as to produce a successful management team for years to come.

A dynamic, well-balanced boardroom will produce a dynamic and successful company. While everyone is pulling their weight and achieving the results that are expected of them, everything on the good ship enterprise is rosy.

But what happens when one of the board members is not pulling his or her weight; or there are personality clashes that are giving rise to insurmountable differences; or the views of the Board members on where to take the business are radically different?

Boardroom disputes can seriously affect the wellbeing of the company, putting shareholders’ interests at risk.

This site looks at the problems that can arise when disputes occur in the boardroom and how they can be tackled.

It also looks at the rights of the individuals as employees, directors and shareholders and the rights of the company and its members collectively, where problems may arise and the consequences of dealing with things inappropriately.